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* Model: Pre-owned iPhone 6s

* Item Condition: As New Condition

* Battery Health: 96%

* Storage Capacity: 32GB

* Fingerprint Touch ID: Working 

* Audio: Working 

* Camera: Working 

* Connectivity: Working 

* Network available: Any network

* Unlocked phones : this phone is factory unlocked

Note: Built-in Original Battery

Product Information:

* This iPhone has been Fully tested by our Certified Technician and is Fully Functional

* All ports are undamaged and function as intended

* Unit has Functioning battery

* There are no iCloud credentials linked to this device

Package Contents: 

* 1 x Used Phone (built-in battery)

* 1 x USB Cable 

* 1 x Wall Charger

iPhone 6s 32GB Gold A Grade with New Battery ( Used)

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    Available both online and in our physical store

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