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Efficient cleaning, now effortless. Bagless vacuum cleaner built to filter dust effectively. Clean easily with great performance.

Product Features:

  • Ice White
  • 18L capacity bin
  • Dual cyclone technology: Dedicated cyclones to separate large and fine particles, which results in better performance, less clogging and less maintenance of filters.
  • 4-step filtration: Our bagless vacuum cleaners 4-step system effectively separates dust & dirt for a deeper clean.
  • Easy empyting: Single button release to carefully dispose your dust in an effortless way.
  • Clean more in one go: Vacuum longer without having to empty the dust bin as often thanks to the large 1.8L capacity bin.
  • Large wheels for better stability: Large rotary wheels prevent the vacuum cleaner from getting obstructed, meaning improved stability around the home.

Electrolux White Ease C3 Origin Vacuum


    Available both online and in our physical store

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