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Slim and lightweight replacement or secondary power adapter for home, office or travel, Compact 90 Watt universal notebook power adapter, Compatible with the major notebook brands like Acer, Asus, IBM, Dell, HP, Fujitsu, NEC, Toshiba, Sony, etc. Includes 11 different tips to fit almost any notebook, Easy and safe output voltage selection by inserted tip, LED identification shows the selected voltage, Output: 15V/16V/18V/18.5V/19V/19.5V/20V DC max. 90W, Protection against overload, short circuit and overheating. 90 Watt N18 5.5*2.1*10.7mm, N19 5.0*3.0*10.7mm, N23 7.4*5.0*12.5mm, N24 7.9*5.5*9.0mm, N22 7.4*5.0*12.5mm, N36 4.5*3.0mm (with central pin), N04 4.8*1.7*10.7mm, N07 5.5*2.5*10.7mm, N09 6.0*4.3*10.7mm, N11 5.5*1.7*10.7mm, N35 11.0*5.6*11.0mm (Square tip) NZ POWER CABLE INCLUDED BUT NOT IN BOX

Digitus 90W Universal Notebook Power Adapter


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