Is your TV just a little antique? We welcome Konka Televisions back to store.

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Since 2007, Laurenson Technology has been sticking it to the man , offering you the customer more bang for buck with great service and great products, Unfortunately a few years back we were pushed out of the Television market by the big guys , 2020 has been a Rollercoaster of a year ! But we continue as the Galaxy Guest team say Never give up Never surrender! Alas we welcome back Konka Televisions 📺 so what are you waiting for , give your granny your old tv or donate it to someone in need and lets look at one of Konkas brand new Ultra High Definition 4K SMART Tvs with amazing inbuilt JBI Sound thats sure to impress even the most particular clients

Check out our range of Tvs at

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